View Full Version : [ubuntu] how to get my laptop working with my external monitor again.

December 7th, 2010, 12:56 AM
Hi all,

Here is my problem:

I have a 13" Dell laptop that is still going strong except for the LCD screen. Never mind how it got broken, but I worked around the broken screen by hooking it up with an external monitor (Dell 21"). No problems there! YAY..

My problem is that a few months ago, I changed the display settings, and I can't remember what I did and now the external monitor screen does not display what is on the laptop (What I mean by display settings being changed is System - Preferences Display)

Anyway.. I have taken it to work and hooked it up on my work monitor (different brand and size) and it still works. I also tested my laptop on other monitors, and ran into no issues with displaying on the external monitor.

I don't want to buy another monitor as the one I have is just fine. I used my external monitor on another laptop and pc and it is still working.

I am unable to use the Live CD to upgrade to the latest Ubuntu version (and start fresh!) as the external monitor is unable to display anything that is being run off the Live CD for some very strange reason. I have Hardy Heron on my laptop.

So what it seems to me is that the laptop remembers the display settings for the external monitor I have at home.

I have already been through my file manager and went through the hidden files and went through my /home/your_username/.gconf/

desktop/gnome/ subfolder or in apps/

But I could not find anything that had any relevance to the display settings.

How can I revert to the previous display settings?

Does anyone know how to enable me to upgrade to the latest version that will display on an external monitor when I use the Live CD?

If anyone could help it it would be absolutely fanastic and I'll be overcome with joy if I can get my laptop and external monitor communicating again!! :)

Thanks in advance