View Full Version : [ubuntu] Firefox printing margin problem with Epson LX-300

December 6th, 2010, 10:53 AM
Hi guys,
im new to this forum and apparently new to ubuntu :D
im using Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic and Firefox 3.6.12 and Epson LX-300+ printer

i really really need help with firefox margin printing.
im developing a website that use firefox printing for reports.
and im using a designed (formatted) paper for the reports, so margin are very important in this case.

My problem is when firefox started to print. it will generate a margin on the top part of the printing area.
i tried this on windows, and used the same printer. it didn't have this margin.

i have tried several methods to modify the margin.

1. i tried to change about:config

changed the print.printer_LX-300.print_margin_top to 0.0, but when it started to print, to value changed back to 0.50

2. i tried to change the lx-300.ppd

i changed the HWMargins to 0 0 0 0
but still no result
3. I tried to change the printing process using PostScript/Default (not the LX-300) and changed the margins. still no result

this margin problem is starting to driving me nuts. spent several days trying to modify it.
and still no result.

If would be a great help if you guys got some other methods to share

Thanks in advance