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December 5th, 2010, 03:26 PM
Hello forum,

I want to learn how to kill a session.

I am using remote Linux box's.

I am logged into a session as root....however, the client NX software on mybox also shows other sessions have been running or ARE running.

I want to kill these terminal sessions,just leaving LIVE the actual
root session that i am logged in as.

i was reading google and it said this...


yes, you can simply kill the terminal/ssh session - use ps to find out PID, and then use kill to terminate the process

so what are the commands to type please

"use ps to find out the PID"
"Then kill that process"

basically, i need a command that shows ALL the session's currently logged....whether they are "suspended" "running" sessions or otherwise....i need to kill any sessions that are not relevant and just leave LIVE the root session that i am currently logged in as...