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December 5th, 2010, 03:31 AM

I have very little experience with linux as a desktop as I've just made the switch from Windows to Ubuntu 10.10. I want to squeeze every little bit of performance I can out of it even if it's negligible.

My graphics card has been installed automatically but would it be better if my monitor ViewSonic VA2213w drivers were installed too? Out of the box it detects 1920x1080 but the interface was terribly slow so I had to disable all visual effects which gave it a big boost (not really interested in the 'flicky' stuff). If there's anything else I can do to speed it up please tell?

I understand the concept behind hyper threading so I'd just like a yes or no for this please. I will be using this machine to develop hand coded websites (30+ text-based files open at the same time), word documents (1 or 2 open at a time), youtube videos (1 at a time), 10-20 opera browser windows, messengers (gtalk, wlm) probably 1 or 2 conversations I'm not that popular. Now based on that, would you switch Hyper Threading on or off? I used to use Adobes Photoshop CS3 in windows and in all honesty, the machine would perform better with HT off. In ubuntu I have turned it ON and OFF (was ON while installed) and I cannot tell the difference. I don't think I'll be using any applications that make use of hyper threading in linux anyway, unless a 1080p movie in vlc counts?

Also would disabling the swap increase performance? I haven't checked if have a swap partition.

My specs:
CPU: Intel P4 3Ghz Hyperthreading (Northwood)
GFX: 512MB ATI Radeon X1650 Series
RAM: 1.5GB (2x512 and 2x256) - They are paired but it doesn't activate dual channel
HDD: 120GB (IDE), 80GB (IDE), 500GB (USB)

I'd really appreciate any light you guys can shed.

Thank you