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December 4th, 2010, 04:42 AM
What should I have in fstab to mount /var and /home to logical volumes on my 2nd hard disk (/dev/sdb)?
I currently have

proc /proc proc nodev,noexec,nosuid 0 0
UUID=7bfa90f4-5840-48b1-9668-e8f00d6f2a5a / ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 1
/dev/mapper/vg1-var /var ext4 defaults 0 1
/dev/mapper/vg1-home /home ext4 defaults 0 1
UUID=0c5e45ba-3cd8-4b4e-a7f4-e32ab657a666 none swap sw 0 0

The system boots but I get a ureadahead error. Plus I have two /var and /home directories. One mounted to /dev/sda and one on the lvm on /dev/sdb. If I boot with a live usb stick I can go look at the var directory on /dev/sda. If i delete the /var dir on /dev/sda the system won't boot anymore.

Back-ground and more info
I started with a single 80GB hard drive and installed ubuntu server 10.04. I selected LAMP server, samba file server, and mythbuntu master back-end during the install. One side note, I was a surprise to find out that mythbuntu backend includes xfce desktop since it I didn't want this option. After the installation I setup myth and was happy with it so it was time to add storage so I added a 750GB hard drive to the system.

Now I had /dev/sda with / and a swap space mounted to it. I wanted to have /var and /home mounted on the new 750GB drive on two logical volumes labeled home and var.

I've created the lvm setup using the following guide http://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/306352:weekend-project-migrate-from-direct-partitions-to-lvm-volumes

The system boots but gives ureadahead errors and I can't delete the var and home directories off the original drive without causing problems.