View Full Version : [ubuntu] USB not working CORECTLY

December 4th, 2010, 03:46 AM
This is a weird questions. I have a usb device that is just supposed to pull power (it is an E-Cig with a button you push to start it) to the best of my knowledge it has no "computer" or chip in it - i just need it to pull charge.

The problem is i can't get Ubuntu or Windows Vista (I Am dual booting) to give it power (actually is it getting SOME power, i can tell because the contacts on it are providing some power - but NOT CONTINUOUS.) I know wierd. Anyways the usb ports all work for my phone and camera.

And the device im using works because it works in my xbox.

My question is how do i get either of these operating systems to give it power, or how do I edit settings.
Thank you.

Im running a Lenovo Y510 laptop. Can give other specs if you ask.