View Full Version : [ubuntu] Troubles with Elantech trackpad on eeepc 1000he

December 1st, 2010, 11:21 AM
This issue has now been substantially improved since I discovered I could configure the mouse and the trackpad features can be edited there.


Hi -

Ubuntu beginner here.

I have recently got Ubuntu 10.04 working pretty well on my 1000HE, but am having trouble with the Elantech trackpad which is only working in a very basic way. I have searched and found posts regarding the use of Xorg.conf, which can be re-configured to make the trackpad work in a more sophisticated way, but these were for earlier versions of Ubuntu, and when I looked at my xorg.conf file, I saw remarks in it that suggested that many features were now handled elsewhere, so I didn't want to change the file without further advice.

My issue with the trackpad is that it is working without two finger gestures, and particularly annoying, it is far too easy to accidentally brush the pad while typing in webforms and find I have removed large amounts of typing, or am now typing half way up the page in another paragraph. I've seen these problems in XP too, BUT in XP, I can configure the Elantech software to make the eeepc ignore the trackpad for configurable amounts of time while typing.1.9 seconds seems about optimum for this in XP. Doing this transformed my use of the machine, and I would really like to get at least some way towards that kind of functionality in Ubuntu which apart from that problem, I really like and would happily change to permanently because I feel it is more secure.

The machine is dual boot, so I have to go into XP if I want to do any serious typing.

Many thanks for any help from you guru people.