View Full Version : [ubuntu] Other checks for failing HDD?

December 1st, 2010, 03:21 AM
Hello all,
I have a few year old Thinkpad that is getting me through college. It has recently started having a problem: the HDD light will come on solid, and anything that requires HDD access won't respond (like starting new programs, opening directories) while things still in RAM (switching applications, opening menus) works fine. It stays in this state for about 5-30 seconds, depending on its mood. It does this every few minutes or so.

I checked in windows, which I have dual booted for a few applications, and it does this as well, although far more frequently.

I ran both short and extended SMART tests, and there were no problems. No SMART errors have been set. I ran IBM's HDD check utility from bios and it checked out fine.

I assume this is the disk drive failing, so I'm just going to order a replacement and reinstall, but wanted to see if anyone had any good ideas before I order it. Any other tests I could run, or other possible causes?

Thanks a lot!