View Full Version : [ubuntu] Werid printer problem

December 1st, 2010, 02:06 AM
Hi, all!

I had a weird problem this morning trying (unsuccessfully) to print a letter I composed in Open Office Writer.

The editing, saving, and all that were no problem. The printing itself was the problem. More to the point; it mostly didn't print. By that, I mean that if there were graphics, text box borders, fields, headers, and/or footers, then those all got printed. No problems there. On the other hand - the actual text body didn't print at all, which was odd. And rather annoying, I should add!

However, I then took the same document, on the same computer, and switched over to Linux Mint (I have my computer as an Ubuntu and Linux Mint dual boot computer; just because). The document printed just pretty as you please while running Linux Mint. Weird, eh?

Some details... The printer in question is a HP 1400 series ink-jet printer/scanner. I was using Ubuntu 10.10 when the document wouldn't print properly and Linux Mint 9 when the document did print properly.

Would anyone have a guess as to why the text body wouldn't print with Ubuntu but would with Linux mint? Granted, I'm not a super-geek by any stretch of the imagination, but this one does seem odd. I can't see how the document wouldn't print text body under Ubuntu, but it would under Linux Mint.

Any advice would be welcome!

Thanks all!