View Full Version : Portege r100 install - Will this work?

November 30th, 2010, 09:09 PM

So I have a Toshiba Portege r100. As some of you may know it is a great little laptop, but has a little dark secret of having no optical drive and no reasonable method of loading an OS on there.

I have a plan, but I would like to vet this against the masses to see if this is workable, or if this is a horrific waste of my time. Here goes:

I ordered a drive adapter off ebay for $10 (3.5" -> 1.8" toshiba). I plan on taking out the drive, wiping it, and partitioning it on an external pc, so that I can place the boot disk image into a bootable partition. That way, when I place the drive back into the machine, I *should* have the boot "disk" available. Where things may fall apart is: can I mess around with the partitions this way? or are things going to blow up as soon as I reboot during installation?

Plan "B" is to install the drive into a pc, install netbook ed. on the pc (as per normal), and then post-install, put the drive back into the laptop and hope for the best in regards to the system/kernel drivers.

I don't know, does any of this sound doable? or am I just on the verge of an epic install fail? How forgiving is the Ubuntu installer? (I am pretty sure Windows would NEVER allow this.)

Thoughts? Thx.