View Full Version : Denver Ubuntu Issue

November 29th, 2010, 01:37 PM
We need some local help for an Ubuntu server issue here in Denver. We are trying to connect a client-side touchscreen monitor through a USB connection to an Ubuntu server. The touchscreens are hard-wired via CAT-5, but USB adapters on the endpoints, to the Ubuntu server. Think about a 10-20 foot CAT-5 wire with USB connections. The touchscreen client does not have an O/S installed, rather acts as a peripheral monitor device connected to the Ubuntu Server.

We are trying to create a home automation solution based on Ubuntu as the server and the peripheral touchscreen monitors.

Eventually, we will use the software from Userful.com to allow 10 of these touchscreen peripherals to connect to Ubuntu simultaneously; however, we haven't gotten to this point yet because of issues with having 1 connection.

We are having some configuration issues with the screens getting the visual display to work. The axis and calibration are backwards (scroll left on touchscreen, but pointer goes right on screen) and some other issues with the overall Display. The touch works fine, just the display is having problems.