View Full Version : [wubi] IBM eServer xSeries 206 - can't install

November 29th, 2010, 07:57 AM
I have an old IBM eServer xSeries 206 with two 80GB SATA HDs. Ideally, I'd like to install Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop to this machine. However, when I try partman can't recognise the disk(s). I've tried both in my preferred configuration (IBM's HostRAID with one striped volume) and disabling HostRAID to give two 80GB drives. In desperation, I installed Windows 2k Server and then tried to use wubi to install Ubuntu inside Windows. Unfortunately, that didn't work either and the error message produced seems to indicate that the installer gets so far and then can't find the CD? I've attached the installation log.

Any help gratefully received.