View Full Version : [ubuntu] Lost partitions

November 29th, 2010, 03:27 AM
When I was trying to install Ubuntu on my machine, I used a windows installation DVD to format my system containing vista. Unfortunatly, when formatting the partitions on my hard drive, I mistakenly deleted one partition with 100 GB.

When trying to install ubuntu, it could not see the deleted 100 GB. During the intallation process, I mistakenly decided to install ubuntu on half the visible space :72 GB (cause I checked the option relative to installing ubuntu alongside another system). Unfortunately, the installation failed at 59 % (as a ubuntu user since 2008 I do not know why). I decided then to install windows 7 just to retrieve my entire hard drive space (250 GB) and to format once again to be able, finally,to install ubuntu on may machine. But when I installed windows 7 it could see two partitions: the one containing windows and the one which was supposed to receive ubuntu, but the later is not accessible by windows (Because, I think, it is based on a file system not recognized by windows).

What I want to do is to retrieve my entire disk space and to end up by installin ubuntu as a unique OS.

Can you please help me ?