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November 28th, 2010, 06:05 PM
I have a Netgear 4-port router, DG834PN and a five port Netgear FS105 Fast Ethernet Switch.

Bearing in mind I lose one port in each devise when they are connected, this gives me seven ports for connections and, apart from problems (see below) they are all used up.

8-port Gigabit wireless routers cost hundreds of pounds which I would like to avoid.

Some of my gear, such as a Buffalo 1TB Linkstation will only work from the router, not from the switch. And, I need an eighth port.

Could it be that the fast Ethernet switch is either broken or isn't good enough for the Linkstation? If so, can anyone recommend a fast Ethernet switch which they know works with USB one Terabyte external network drives?

I have just tested each of the five Fast Ethernet Switch ports with something that does work on it, and each port is working. Therefore, I can only assume it is not broken.