View Full Version : [ubuntu] Need to Setup a Transparent Proxy

November 27th, 2010, 11:08 PM
I have a server (running the desktop edition of 10.04, but only 'cause I'm a total Linux n00b and need to tunnel VNC over SSH sometimes to use the GUI), a laptop (running Windows 7), and a Motorola DROID (Android Froyo/2.2). I downloaded an app from Android Market called "EasyTether," and became a heavy user. I later learned that I had downloaded trial software, and it began blocking all HTTPS traffic.

Is there any way I can set up my server as a transparent proxy (preferably securely, even if it has to be tunneled over SSH) and get full Internet access on my laptop? I can't use the HTTPS protocol, but anything else appears to be fair game. I'm a high school student, please don't tell me to buy the full version to solve my problem.