View Full Version : [all variants] Switching Graphics Cards

November 27th, 2010, 08:03 PM
I currently have a Windows 7 system with a discrete ATI 5570 and integrated nVidia GeForce 9300 chipset. I'd like to start using the machine for XBMC Live, which can use nVidia graphic chips to accelerate playback, but not ATI. However, the ATI card is much better for gaming, so I'd like to keep using it for Windows.

Is it possible to have Win7 use the 5570 and Linux use the 9300 without switching off in the BIOS? I'd really like to keep XBMC as plug-and-play as possible, without having to tweak BIOS settings between boots. If it helps to know, my motherboard is a Zotac GF9300-A-E.

November 27th, 2010, 08:49 PM
How about having both cards activated at both OS's and use the ATI as the primary monitor in Windows and the Nvidia as primary in Linux?

If your monitor has dual inputs, just install two cables and use the switch.

November 27th, 2010, 11:01 PM
I considered that, but I'm not sure if that would put undue strain on the processor for video playback, by cloning the output across a non-accelerated device. I do have sufficient inputs, so that's not an issue.

Would it be possible for Linux to simply never use the ATI card, unload any kernel modules for it, and stick with nVidia drivers?