View Full Version : [ubuntu] Root Access With RDP

November 27th, 2010, 06:47 PM
I just set up my Ubuntu 10.10 desktop and I was wanting to use it as a media server for my PS3 and a file server. It currently sits between my router and my PS3 on the network as I don't have enough ports on the router to connect the PS3 directly and it has two network cards one to the router, one to the PS3.
Now I'm going to keep it in my living room and I don't have a spare monitor for it so i was just going to rdp into it. Now I can connect to it just fine but even when I login to the root account I don't have root access in the GUI, but the su and sudo commands still work in the terminal.
Can anyone help me with how to login with root access in the GUI and not just the terminal?

Oh and I'm connecting with Windows 7 Ultimate using Remote Desktop Connection, since it comes with windows 7.