View Full Version : [ubuntu] Wicd WiFi connection fails - bad password -wpa2

November 27th, 2010, 11:32 AM
I am running Ubuntu 10.04 on a PackardBell notebook and have just got an Orange Livebox 2 for broadband connection(after years of dial-up as no adsl in my area).

I am trying to connect via WiFi to the Livebox to configure, but neither NetworkManager nor Wicd will connect. NM sees the Livebox but simply fails to connect after trying; Wicd says "Bad password".

The WPA2 password I have entered is definitely correct, and I have connected without any problem from an AcerOne under Linpus.

Any ideas?

I have also tried to connect using Wicd and an ethernet cable, and this doesn't connect either, returning "Connection Failed: Unable to Get IP Address"

November 27th, 2010, 02:23 PM
Are your connections set up for Automatic (DHCP) in the IPv4 tab. This is the set up in my case. I assume that the router is set up correctly. The LEDs on the router do they show that is has made a connection to the ISP? There should be an LED for Broadband. Is it green? Sometimes ruling out the obvious is the best approach.


By the way. I have two Livebox wireless networks in my neighborhood. I cannot connect to them because they are secured. I would not try any way. Someone is able to use that modem to access the internet. Are they using Ubuntu? There is answer to your problem. I may not know it.