View Full Version : [ubuntu] No wireless on Acer Aspire 5315 with Ubuntu 10.10

November 25th, 2010, 04:59 PM
I installed Ubuntu 10.10 on a freshly formatted Acer Aspire 5315. Unfortunately the laptop's LAN port is burned out so there was no net during installation. Previously (ubuntu 10.4) the wireless worked fine so I hoped that the new ubuntu will sort itself out.
Now the wireless dosen't work so i am stuck with a useless laptop.
Since I am not very good with linux I got desperate after trying to follow different threads that try to fix similar problems.
To raise the stakes even more, the laptop is a equiped with a Broadcom 4312 LP-PHY wireless card.

Please help!

July 24th, 2011, 10:44 PM
I have the same problem! Acer Aspire 5315, same WLAN card and same situation, except that with some strange spark of luck, I found that my laptop is fine to connect through my phones 3g wireless connection, using WEP encryption. However it is still not liking my home routers (WPA encrypted) connection... I dunno if this information helps.