View Full Version : [ubuntu] problem when installing OmniVista_3600_Air_Manager_7.0.10

November 25th, 2010, 08:16 AM
Hi, I want to install OmniVista_3600_Air_Manager_7.0.10 . I got error as below:

[root@AirWaveMgmtSvr01 install]# ./amp-install

STEP 1: Configuring Date and Time

------------------------ Date and Time Configuration ---------------------

Current Time: Thu Nov 25 13:17:58 MYT 2010

1) Change Date and Time
2) Change Time Zone

0) Finish

> 0
Date and Time Configuration finished.

STEP 2: Checking for previous AMP installation
The installation program has discovered a previous version of the software.
Would you like to reinstall AMP? This will erase the AMP's database.
Reinstall (y/n)? y

STEP 3: Installing AMP software
This will take a few minutes.
Press Ctrl-Alt-F9 to see detailed messages.
Press Ctrl-Alt-F1 to return to this screen.

STEP 4: Checking AMP installation
Error: AMP is not running.

[root@AirWaveMgmtSvr01 install]#

What i need do next??...please help me