View Full Version : [ubuntu] Porblem booting 2.6.35-25

November 24th, 2010, 03:29 PM
I recently upgraded from Lucid using 2.6.32-25 to Maverick with 2.6.35-25. With the new kernel, I can no longer boot into Ubuntu with the new kernel. The Lucid kernel still works, but I'd like to get 2.6.35 working. I wish I could provide an error message, but my computer restarts during the boot. The kernel messages disappear immediately. I think the last messages I can see relate to ehci. (I tried turning USB off, didn't help). Hardware is an MSI X58 w/ Core i7-930 and 6GB of RAM with a Kingston SSD and 1TB WD Hard Drive. The graphics card is an EVGA GT240 PCI-E card. I have two questions: 1) Is there any way to prevent the reboot from happening so any error messages are saved? 2) Any other ways of debugging this problem? The log messages don't appear in the /var/log/ files. --Eric UPDATE: Adding acpi=off to my grub config allows me to boot, but CPU Frequency scaling is now disabled