View Full Version : [all variants] Ubuntu power consumption

November 24th, 2010, 07:15 AM

there's been ideas amongst my group meetings about having more laptop battery life. I know about buying bigger laptop batteries but i was wondering about getting the most out of the 3 cell battery i have now. Although there many power saving options already in Ubuntu (and the linux kernel), I feel that it's not enough... or atleast not easily attainable through GUI. I know there are many ways for programming ubuntu to phenomenally improve battery life (but some ways need developing).

Here are some ideas.... some of them might sound stupid, but dont bash them... suggest ways of improvement. Remember... there are many incentives of using ubuntu over windows.. longer battery life will be a big incentive if developed well.

Have this under one power saving option/scheme (maybe)

-turning off HD when not needed
-caching some apps (such as web browing) when in use for a certain time (maybe 5min)(needs more development)

-cpu scaling
-if only doing tasks not needing much processing power for a long time (web browing, word, etc.) cpu automatically underclocks

-disable ports automatically and have “connect a device option” to find a port in use and enable it individually (needs developing)

-GPU scaling (needs more development)

this idea needs more development.. but after a few discussions and additives it will soon be good for ubuntu brainstorm. I wanted to develop it more before suggesting it. Maybe even program it myself if it's not too hard :) but add some more ideas to this.