View Full Version : [ubuntu] Miss SSID Wireless

November 24th, 2010, 07:02 AM
Hello Everybody i'm very newly for ubuntu and recent install on my laptop real i enjoy with linux but i have hard time to find.

i install and saw top toolbar left for look wifi SIDD wireless so after restart then wifi SIDD Wireless miss so i can't find... i tried and tried not work any one can help me thank you

November 24th, 2010, 01:53 PM
I do not understand your description of the problem. The best I can offer you is a link to the trouble shooting guide.


Please read through that document. At least you will find out the information that we need to know in order to help you.

You should be able to see a network icon on the top panel and to the right. It looks like a wedge shape of rings moving upward. If you left click on it you will see a list of available networks. This will tell you that wireless networking is working in Ubuntu. Is your wireless network on that list? If so, select it and Unbuntu will try to connect to it.

If you are asked to authenticate the connection enter the network pass phrase or key. It is also called WPA-PSK. It is not your log-in password. It should be printed on a label stuck on the bottom of the modem/router. If you type it correctly and the connection is made then Ubuntu will remember this pass phrase.

If you type it incorrectly you will be asked again to authenticate. You will not be told that you have entered the wrong pass phrase. You will just see a dialog box asking you to authenticate.

If you already know this then, please forgive me.