View Full Version : PHPMaker type of thing for Linux

November 23rd, 2010, 09:32 PM
I used to work for a company doing general IT support, and they had a database in access when I started that had got way to big to be fit for purpose, so one of the things I did when I was there was to convert it to MySQL and chuck it on a LAMP type server (SME Server 7), and create a load of php scripts in PHP maker to give the staff a front end. Quick and dirty, I know, but way better than access (which they weren't even properly licensed for :D ). Anyhow, I've moved on now*.

However, at home I have a bunch of data I want to put into a database, which I've started doing using Open Office Database, which I have found completely unstable. Now, I can knock up a MySQL database structure I want no problems using the various tools in the repository, and setting up one of my Ubuntu machines as a LAMP server is easy, but I can't program PHP for toffee, so is there any PHPMaker equivalent for Linux that would allow me to easily knock out some php scripts for data entry, searching, etc, with minimal programming (i.e. no ) knowledge? Wine doesn't look like it will allow me to just use PHPMaker.

All help appreciated.

* actually, I heard they went bankrupt, but it wasn't down to my shoddy attempts at DB development, honest!