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November 22nd, 2010, 11:16 PM
Hello Ubuntu forums! Been a long time since I have been here :)

Well after taking a break from the whole computing world, I've decided its time to cannonball back in as I am in my second year of college double majoring in CSE (computer science & engineering) and CIS! Think that I'm ready to buckle down and really get to know the Linux system instead of just dipping my toes in ;P

So, right now I have in my box a 160g drive and an 80g drive. I've been using the 80g as a drive just for storage (music/media/pictures [I'm a photographer with LOTS of pictures taking up space]) , while I run a dual-boot of Windows/Some variant of Linux on the 160g!

- I'm wondering if maybe I should be re-thinking my style of storage, and just possibly use the Windows as a full install on the 160g and maybe full install Ubuntu on the 80g? Seems like it would make more sense, as then I wouldn't have to bug with mounting/unmounting and bothering with accessing my media/misc stuff.

- Or would maybe running a full install Ubuntu on the 160g with VMWare to run windows applications (images stored on the 80g)?

I know in my upcoming classes I will be doing quite a bit of C++ programming, and dipping into Linux later on. So it seems like keeping Windows would be a good idea as I do enjoy being able to hop onto it without hoping Wine will convert the program well.

Any ideas/opinions would be very much welcomed! Looking forward to turning my computing hobby into a career, and coming home to programming homework ;)

- Mitt3ns

November 23rd, 2010, 03:06 AM
Ubuntu strikes me as an odd choice for someone with a strong interest in the console and perhaps the corporate side of Linux. There's nothing wrong with the separate drive setup, though.