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November 21st, 2010, 03:10 PM
I'm about to lose my mind. Nothing seems to work at the moment. I've just built my own HTPC with the specs:

Motherboard: Gigabyte 880gma-ud2h
Optical Drive: LG CH10 Blu-Ray
PSU: Fractal Design Tesla 550W, 80+
HDD: Western Digital AV-GP 1.5TB
RAM: Kingston DIMM DDR3 4GB 1333MHZ CL9
CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 255 3.1GHZ 2MB
Computer Case: Antec HTPC Fusion Remote Black
Media Center Program: XBMC

On this system I've installed Ubuntu desktop 10.10 x64 and I've already posted a question regarding the optical drive here (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1627224). The chassi has a built in IR-receiver and LCD-display. I've tried following all tutorials I've could possibly find on the internet but nothing seems to work. The remote's basic functions work but not all that I would like to have programmed and the LCD-display shows the current time. But I can't get the LCD to show what is currently playing and all that and as I said, the remote doesn't fully function either.

When I try following the tutorials I do what I'm told and it always work in the beginning but then I'm supposed to edit a file which don't exist on my system and I have no idea why because I've installed both LIRC and LCDproc. If someone could help me with tailor made tutorial it would be perfect!

Oh and another question. When I try booting ubuntu I always get an error but I can get into ubuntu by typing "exit" after a (initramfs) message appears. And all the solutions are stating that I should change a value in /boot/grub/menu.list but as I said earlier, that file doesn't exist on my system and I'm starting to lose my mind!

I appreciate all replies!

Thank you!

March 8th, 2011, 02:09 AM
The problem has been solved now but it's far too much I did to make it work to write here and now. I'm thinking of creating a tutorial for others trying a similar build. If you need to find solutions to the problems I've faced you can look in the other threads started by me in this forum and by searching for the same username as here on http://forum.xbmc.org

Good luck!