View Full Version : [ubuntu] notebook randomly finds access point

November 21st, 2010, 05:16 AM
after upgrading from ubuntu 9 to 10 (10.04 and now 10.10) every time i turn on my eeepc with a atheros wifi chipset, it's impossible to guess if it will find my access point (dlink-825 running openWRT)

sometimes it will only find some of the nearby accesspoints, sometimes it will detect them all without any problem.

moving the notebook around does not fix it.

sometimes, disabling the wifi card and enabling it again solves the problem. sometimes it doesn't.

sometimes booting ubuntu solves the problem. sometimes it doesn't.

Failure is way more frequent now with 10.10. guess it's not a bug on network manager, more likely the kernel, since iwlist scanning shows the same as network manager.

anyone has any hint to what i should be looking?

i'm about to start logging info from the accesspoints to see if all G or all B ones disappears or all the strong ones or something else... so far i haven't seen any pattern.