View Full Version : [ubuntu] My netbook does not see at all any USB drive

November 19th, 2010, 10:51 PM
Hello everybody!
I have a Sony Vaio VGN-P39VRL with Ubuntu 10.10 32 bits, with a dual boot with Windows 7.
It never gave me big problems, after having installed this new version 10.10 on /, keeping my previous /home. It worked without problems until recently it stopped recognising any USB drives I plug into it.
Indeed, my USB mouse is recognised if it boots connected to the netbook, but if I switch it off, it will not be longer recognised until the next reboot.
I have several USB pendrives, hard drives or peripheral devices, and it does not recognise any of them, even if they are plugged in when it boots (except for the mouse). All these USB devices worked well before and they are recognised in other Ubuntu and Windows systems I have. The USB drives work well in Windows or when I run a liveUSB in this netbook as well.
I have tried everything, but I don't know anything else that I could do to be able to recover my USB functionality.
I must say that I had exactly the same problem in an older notebook (LG X110) with Ubuntu 9.10 and after weeks I was unable to solve it and I had to reinstall Ubuntu. I want to avoid doing the same now again, but I have not seen any answer at all that could suit my problem.
I must say that I do not remember what programs or changes I did before it suddenly stopped seeing my USB connections.
Please I need some help. Thanks in advance.