View Full Version : [ubuntu] New Trust keyboard fully working.

November 19th, 2010, 05:50 PM
I have just had to replace my old (very old) rattly keyboard with a new one. As I have a Trust 5 button mouse which is faultless I thought I would try a Trust k/b as well.

It is a simple cable attached multimedia USB/PS2 item and everything is working. All the preset buttons along the top, for Media-player (startup and control), Email, Web browser, volume up/down/mute, Suspend, Power-off, calculator, home folder, back and forward in the web-browser and file manager.

Thank-you to whoever has made this software work so well. I expected there to be a few problems getting these buttons to work, but no, it all is doing so from the start.

PS: Not a bad k/b either for the price. 5.99 in UK.