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Hermes Bird
November 19th, 2010, 11:04 AM
Hi all, I'm new here as to Ubuntu itself. And while Ive had much fun learning, tweaking, downloading, etc. Things to my liking I get that feeling that problems might start to occur soon no thanks to my curiosity/meddling and would like to do another (3-4th time already) installation of linux.

My problem is that all my media files: music, photos, videos, etc. I want to keep: while at the same time deleting anything I've had previously installed (such as settings, etc) and make it as if it were a fresh install. Yes I do have my /home partition separate from the root.

So I'm wondering whether it'd be safe to delete all my hidden folders,app settings,etc in my /home partition before making a fresh install to the /root partition and being able to safely keep all my media files in the /home partition without formating it?

Sorry if its a little hard to understand, I'm mentally exhausted from all the things Ive learned of Linux these last 3 days :D thnx ahead for the help

Hermes Bird
November 19th, 2010, 11:25 AM
Sorry a more appropriate question i think would be, Where are the File system files located such as bin, etc, lib64?... As a matter of fact sorry guys, I just figured out using Ctrl+L in Nautilus that the location of the items I really wanted to remove was in fact the root directory / Now I know the hidden files in my /home folders are the preferences of which I speak, which i'm gladly going to get rid of myself before my fresh /root install...

Sorry for your time, later all :D

November 19th, 2010, 12:21 PM
the main doc: