View Full Version : [kubuntu] slight Grub configuration error - help!

November 18th, 2010, 01:58 PM
I've got a terrible feeling this happened because I forgot to remove a memory stick pen drive from a pc during installation, but I've set up a home-built pc for a friend with her XP and Kubuntu 10.04 and there seems to be a slight Grub error.

Just before Kubuntu boots it says error probing S... something. a curser blinks for two seconds before this instead of going ot the Kubuntu splash screen, but it is otherwise then fine.

I've done all the updates, and I altered /etc/default/grub so that XP was the default OS and the pause was 4 seconds instead of 10.

What's the best thing to do? It will be the most convenient for my friend to take this machine away tomorrow night. I don't have the internet at home and spent many hours yesterday at someone else's home doing the setting up. Should I reinstall Grub? Or can I somehow reconfigure that file mentioned so it's back to normal. does it sounds like Grub is looking for that pen drive first? I have never reinstalled GRub and need any repsonse ot be clear and jargon-/assumption-free.

Everything else is going fine and the CD I burnt is error-free. I will look in on this thread tomorrow in an internet cafe.