View Full Version : [ubuntu] Low Resolution after Upgrade

November 17th, 2010, 04:56 AM

I am new to this forum, so pardon me if i make a blunder in any way. I have searched for this issue on every forum i can think off and nothing has worked for me yet.

Specification: I have HP laptop and ATI Display card and installed Ubuntu 10.x recently. One thing to note is that i have installed this within VirtualBox, so this is a VM setup.

Issue: I cannot see a higher resolution for my installation and what i get is 800x600 which is max. Can someone tell me if this is a known issue with 10.x.

The fun part if that i have Ubuntu 9.x on the same setup and it works excellent with all possible resolution.

I have installed Guest Additions and have done most of the tests that i could understand, However i am not sure if i missed some of the basic stuff where you guys might be expert in sharing.

Any support on this will be really helpful, now that i am getting a message in my Ubuntu 9.x that it will not support updates this has become a very important task for me.