View Full Version : Trouble with usb install on netbook

November 13th, 2010, 01:54 AM
I need to install a new os on a netbook acer aspire one, so i thought ill try good old ubuntu as its served me well in my forays into linux so i downloaded the netbook remix and the usb installer it recommends and got to work.

Everything is going fine until it finishes copying the files and just as i finish entering the computer name, user name etc i go to click forward but its grayed out and no matter if i re enter info into the fields go back and start again from the beginning or anything it won't let me click forward and progress past this point.

I also downloaded the normal ubuntu and tried that and the exact same thing happened now im not very experienced with netbooks as i don't really use them.

So could someone tell me what the cause of the problem is and how i can fix it please.