View Full Version : [ubuntu] Visual Effects Setting Does Not Stick

November 12th, 2010, 05:21 PM
I have an ubuntu machine set up and most everything is working fine. I am having an issue with tightvnc. I can only make it work properly under specific conditions and not sure if these are bugs or if I have a configurtion problem. So here are the issues.

1. Unless visual effects is set to None the screen will not refresh on the computer you are remoting into the ubuntu machine with. If I do not set the Visual Effects to none I can connect, see the current screen, but then if I click on something the function happens but I don't see any change on the remote desktop. The problem here is every time the computer is rebooted the visual effects setting goes back to normal.

2. If the screen saver is set to require a password when computer is "waken up", all you will see on the remote computer is a black screen. If you go ahead and type the password, close tightvnc, and then reconnect you will see the screen properly.

Any help with these two little problems would be most appreciated.