View Full Version : [gnome] What's the rationale for GDM not providing any feedback? (caps lock, wrong PW)

November 11th, 2010, 07:19 PM
Sorry if this is an old topic; I'm new to Ubuntu - and I did search, yes. ;)

Why doesn't GDM on Ubuntu give clear warnings and error messages when you, say, enter a wrong password or have caps lock enabled? I think GDM as such would do just that; for some reason it doesn't on Ubuntu, and I'm curious to learn why this is. is there a public discussion/article that shows the decision making process?


I just had a mildly embarrassing experience; I tried to support a friend of mine over the phone because he (new to Linux in general) couldn't log in. He told me that GDM simply reloaded without any error message or warning.

I thought of "maybe caps lock", but when he firmly assured there was no caps lock warning anywhere to be seen (he didn't even see the small, light grey triangle), I told him to just re-boot. Which worked.
Then I installed Ubuntu and tried myself. Right. There's no warning; entering a wrong password doesn't trigger a "this PW was wrong", it just re-loads the screen... which makes a user believe "the computer is broken".

So I'm just wondering ... - why? Changing GDM for the worse must have had a reason, right? What was it?

November 12th, 2010, 11:17 AM
As a new user I've done the same thing. And had the same thought. And expected this exact situation to happen to somebody. I'm actually expecting someone to get locked out of their acct. because of this, eventually. Assuming it's locks after a certain number of attempts, I haven't checked yet... ARG so much to learn!