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November 11th, 2010, 04:51 AM
VM's -- Determining the best way to go.
Hello. I am new to Ubuntu. I have a PC running Windows 7. I tried to run Ubuntu with VMWare and had multiple problems, printing, sound, CDROM, etc. I uninstalled VMWare and have read some discussion here that seems to favor VirtualBox or KVM.

I'm a computer engineer student and I am going to have to write and compile C++ programs on a Linux based system. I've never worked with Linux and I would like to know the best combination to run a virtual Linux-based OS that I can download a decent C++ compiler on and also be able to use my printer, sound card and CDROM drive while working on the Linux-based system. Which VM should I use and which version of Ubuntu would you guys recommend? Are there any "tricks" or specific things that I should know as I set the system up? Thanks for any and all help.

By the way, my PC has an AMD II x4 635 Processor and my Windows 7 is 64-Bit.