View Full Version : XAMPP: Another MySQL daemon is already running?

November 8th, 2010, 11:26 AM
Hi guys,

I use XAMPP a lot. This weekend I got my hands into Ruby (on Rails). I installed a lot of stuff and went through a lot of configurations and then MySQL on XAMPP stopped working. See below:

Starting XAMPP for Linux 1.5.3a...
XAMPP: Starting Apache with SSL (and PHP5)...
XAMPP: Another MySQL daemon is already running.
XAMPP: Starting ProFTPD...
XAMPP for Linux started.

The real problem was that, if I fixed that, this would repeat in every restart. So, my question is: Is there a way to have XAMPP-MySQL not conflict with MySQL instance that I use for Ruby?

Also, is there a way that I tell Ruby to use the XAMPP-MySQL instance too?