View Full Version : [SOLVED] une 10.10 persistent from usb multiple problems

November 7th, 2010, 07:15 PM
I'm running une 10.10 from a persistent usb and have the following problems
- performance is lousy
- takes ages to start up. Particularly after that screen that gives the choice to try une out or to install it. I select try out, then it takes about 5 min of processing before une starts up
- and then it does not recognise any of my disc partitions and I cannot access any of them. Gparted runs but does not show any data.
- on logging out the last message says something about unknown user id. Very true, the installation and the start up menus don't ask me about user id so there is no way it could have a user id.
- and I get that Unity ui. Don't like it at all.

I've been running ubuntu from usb's for over a year with little problem. Any ideas why 10.10 bring all this misery? And, more to the point, what can I do about it?


November 16th, 2010, 10:36 AM
I've solved this to my satisfaction by running 10.10 Desktop rather than 10.10 UNE (desktop has a much better ui imho) and making the persistent usb on the machine its going to run on (my netbook in this case). Making the usb on my laptop and then running it on my netbook just doesn't work - I've tried many versions of the usb installer and many versions of desktop/UNE - some won't load , some do but then can't find my discs, etc - seems very inconsistent.

John :confused: