View Full Version : Airplay SDK and Visual C++

November 7th, 2010, 07:12 PM
Hey guys

I'm part of a game design club/group at my university and I'm required to have Airplay SDK and preferably Visual C++ or XCode running on my computer. Problem is, my main machine is running Linux (Ubuntu 10.04), so the possibility of Visual C++ is gone, unless I use Visual Studio 6.

Another problem is Airplay SDK is only on Windows and Mac, and I'm unsure if a Wine install will even work for it.

If non-Linux is my only option, what should I do?
-Dual Boot Windows 7
-Dual Boot Windows XP
-Emulate Windows XP

Or alternatively is it possible to get OS X software and dual boot that on my machine?

note: I already have Visual Studio and Windows licenses, but not OS X

EDIT: Sorry, I just realized this is in the wrong spot, my mind wandered I guess