View Full Version : [ubuntu] How Do I Sync Images To IPod Touch?

November 7th, 2010, 12:32 PM
I've got an iPod touch, 2nd generation, and I have been trying to sync images onto my IPod. I have been successful a few times, but for some reason, I can't put images onto my iPod anymore.

I used to be able to open up my iPod directory, then go to Dcim, and then the last folder is the sequence.( which for me is 13.
Then I would put in the images I want to sync.

Then, I would go back to my iPod, and go into a different folder called PhotoData.
In There there is three files. And I found that if you delete them, it forces the iPod to update the library, then it finds my image(s) and think that they were already on my iPod, but their configuration was just deleted.
So it adds the images to my iPod library.

Buy sadly, it doesn't work anymore.
It just keeps on deleting the images, or moving them into my iPods root folder

If anyone knows of a program that can pit images onto my iPod, then please tell me, or anyone out there who has figured put a foolproof way to do it, please tell me.
(I'm running Ubuntu 10.04, with the ifuse package installed.)