View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy can't see shares on Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.11

November 6th, 2010, 02:37 AM
Greetings all,

After having recently purchased a refurbished iMac G5 PowerPC for my wife and adding it to our home network, I'm noticing some quirks with Ubuntu.

First, a little synopsis: My Windows XP machine can see and connect to the Mac no problem. (My Network Places > View workgroup computers > Lindsay-MAC > Lindsay > Documents, Pictures, etc.) when I double-click the Mac in "My Network Places" in Windows, it shows the "Lindsay" folder (my wife's name) and I can click through and see "Documents," and "Pictures," and all that good stuff, create a folder, delete it, read/write, whatever.

On the Ubuntu machine, I can see and access the Mac, (Places > Network > Lindsay-MAC > Nothing!) however, nothing appears.

I have installed Samba, nfs-common, and smb with no luck.
Each computer has identical user accounts with admin rights on it. i.e, Lindsay, Jonathan account on Mac, Lindsay, Jonathan on Linux.