View Full Version : [ubuntu] Advanced Partition Scheme for Single Mechanical Harddrive

November 5th, 2010, 10:47 PM

I would like someone to help me construct an advanced partition scheme for use with a single mechanical harddrive. It is important that it is an optimal for use with a laptop. But it would be quite good if you System Administration guys could set me up with schemes for an Workstation and Server.

I searched before I posted but noone gave me a sufficent answear to this question.

Please provide Pros and Cons with your schemes. Try to make one for each "environment"...

November 6th, 2010, 01:20 AM
Partitioning is very personal. It depends greatly on what you want to do. I had XP on one drive with a shared (NTFS) data partition and Ubuntu with just its two - root & swap for several years. But then my use changed, I bought a new drive and wanted to install more than one root. So I have multiple partitions for root(s), data in separate partitions, experimenting with gpt on one smaller drive now.

You have not given enough info and even then many versions will work. Servers are another total different animal. I do not know servers anymore, since the last time I managed one was Novell's 3.15 and it was originally set up by the seller.

Partitioning basics with some info on /data