View Full Version : GOS installs but Netbook hangs

November 5th, 2010, 09:54 PM
I am trying to install Ubuntu Netbook Remix on an old Gateway ML3109, this laptop had Ubuntu on it a couple years ago.
I first installed GOS and that booted to the live CD and installed without issue (only the wireless card not working which I know how to track down), but didn't really like that distro.

Ubuntu Netbook and various other distro just freeze on the install CD. PCLinuxOS-LXDE boots in safe mode only, but the Netbook Remix does not have a safe-mode option (only driver disk and OEM option).
I am guessing there is a problem starting the x server but possible also some default boot options.

What do I need to copy off or look at on the GOS install in order to tweek Ubuntu to be able to boot properly?
Or since GOS is a ubuntu derivative can I change the repositories and reload ubuntu over GOS?