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November 5th, 2010, 03:53 AM
I have a VPN setup with an Ubuntu 10.04 VPN server, an Ubuntu 10.04 client, and a Windows 7 client. VPN server is on network and clients are on network When connecting to the VPN server with the Ubuntu client, I cannot ping or otherwise communicate with other computers on the server's subnet but I CAN ping and share files when connected with the Windows 7 machine. Anyone ran into this before? I can post configs, logs, etc. if anyone can assist me. Thanks in advance.

November 5th, 2010, 01:51 PM
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November 8th, 2010, 05:38 PM
Try adding this to the Ubuntu client:

In the client's OpenVPN .conf file include the directive:

up ./add_routes

Then in /etc/openvpn create the add_routes file as root with this line:

ip route add via ip.addr.of.vpn

replacing "ip.addr.of.vpn" with the IP address of the server's end of the VPN link. E.g., if you use the OpenVPN directive:


you'd replace with "ip.addr.of.vpn" with "".

Make the script executable by the root user with "chmod u+x /etc/openvpn/add_routes".