View Full Version : [ubuntu] wireless fails to work once in a while with airport express in the latest ubuntu

November 4th, 2010, 08:02 PM
Hi, i face a strange problem with the wirless in ubuntu(10.4 i guess-latest one)
when connecting from home to institute through Apple's airport express(we live
in a campus which is connected through LAN and we can assess to institute
network through either LAN (wired) or wireless. We have airport express
to connect to insitute.
My laptop gets connected to interne t through airport express most of the time
and sometimes, I can not connect to internet eventhough laptop is connected
to airport express(it says it is connected). I have installed latest ubuntu
right from the beginning.
The strange thing I face is that if I use WINDOWS OS, then it is 100 % success
in the internet connection. But i want to use my ubuntu OS to connect and work.

Our systems administration says that since wireless works in WINDOWS OS,
the connectivity must be fine and ubuntu may have problem.

can any one tell me what I should do
(I face this prolem 20 % of the time----no correlation with anything)
thanks -----ravi