View Full Version : [ubuntu] I am ShOcKeD !

November 3rd, 2010, 06:58 PM
I had 64bit ubutu 9.10.
I have eased system partition (/home stayed untouched) and installed ubuntu 10.10.

All well, but grahpics on my nvidia 7000m (610m) low.
I installed latest - apparently stabledrivers...
Reboot and screen resolution is good, but everything is transparent and nothing works.

Few tries - nothing works - decission: repeat installation.

I have erased system partition again, inserted ubuntu 10.10 install CD.
No prompts, just zent on loading.

What I see - user name and password box !!!

- Where on earth this came from ? Nothing works, even with m previous username or just by
using blank fields or ubuntu as user and as password.

- Does anyone knows what is it and where it came from ?