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November 2nd, 2010, 01:53 PM

I upgraded to UNR10.10 from UNR10.04 on my HP-Mini. The installer crashed. Okay it was not a good start, but I recovered all my files booting from a USB disk, so no bid deal. A full new install of UNR 10.10 worked fine.

My touchpad did not work at first, but it only took a lunch break to tweak the mouse driver as I have had this problem before, and knew hat to look for. The battery indicator was broken, but you can already find a fix for this forum if you search.

My problem is that I disliked the interface of UNR 10.10.

Some of the improvements from 10.04 are great. The bluetooth driver for a mobile phone modem works as it should for the first time ever. I like how my music player is integrated into sound control. I don't really mind Unity, but it looks inflexible in that I need to add scripts with custom icons, and this looks like a difficult tweek. And I want all my programs to run fulll screen, with only a sliver for other running Programs or launchers. Unity a bit like the weather presenter on CNN we see here in Asia, the poor lady is so fat she blocks the view of the weather maps, which is what you want to see.

The program manager, applications, is not my style. This is usable, but not good enough. It's ugly and unorganized. Perhaps my computer usage is not typical, but I have many very important but perhaps untypical programs installed. My net-book must be able to use these programs, from recipe databases to world and regional mapping programs. And if I can't find them quickly and easy, under easily remberable and unchanging locations, then sorry, I have the wrong distribution.

Whats this idea about favorites? UNR 10.10 includes a 2d version of the UNR 10.04 interface, but it screwed it up with favorites. and ugly default icon sizes. Doesn't everybody know by now that a computer has no idea what your favorite programs are, and should never confuse the programs you recently ran with what you need to keep on your fingertips? Surely Ubuntu will not make the mistake?

UNR 10.10 is the wrong distribution for me. I am sure there are plenty of other distributions out there, and I need to spend time exploring for one the suits a netbook, but fortunately for me 10.04 is a LTS version, so I have time to look.


May 7th, 2011, 02:46 PM
The new 11.04 desktop edition is okay. I don't think anybody listened to my criticism, but I am sure there were others with the same opinions who made their voices heard.

At least progress has been made. I am happy.


I see many users are not happy with Unity! I gave up on it also and went back to Ubuntu Classic. Unity as a program launcher is much much better than in UNR 10.10, but it is still only a program launcher.

After a full weekend searching for workarounds, I got Unity configured to my liking. So I am back using it on my desktop. I am still not really convinced this was a good step for Ubuntu, but I have learned in the past that adapting is less painful than fighting, so for now I am on board with Unity. I am now considering switching to Mint when the new version is released, but I think that Unity may still be in my future.

Switched to Mint 11, and am working out the kinks. Mint works well for me. Still have Ubuntu on my Netbook.