View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ive got an issue with 4 screens and compiz, please help if you can

November 2nd, 2010, 12:56 AM
My problem is that i have 4 screens and what i want is to have one of the screens be the main one - where my toolbars are and everything, and then the other 3 of my screens to act as extra deskspace, i want windows to maximize to only one screen at a time and i want compiz. I have 2 nvidia 9200GT video cards ( i think thats what they are anyway, if you need me to print some output of any commands or anything i would be happy to) and each as dual out for screens.

my best configuration i have found, is using 4 different x screens(with xinerama), which functioned PERFECTLY it allowed me to position my moniters where i wanted them, allowed me to move windows between them and they would maximize correctly, and i think they even each had their own ubuntu taskbars on them (currently i have it on a different configuration and dont want to take the time to reboot to make sure thats how it was)and when i switched to a different deskspace (ctrl+alt+arrow key) they all moved at the same time which i also liked, anyway, the ONLY problem with using the 4 x screens was the fact that i couldnt use compiz....and i really want those effects (window maximize/minimize looks smoother, and i love the desktop cube)

currently i set it up with 2 sets of twinview screens, which has its own much longer list of problems. I can use compiz, but now its treating each set of 2 screens as one large screen stretched accross 2 moniters, and it has a taskbar at the bottom of one screen and the top of another, or stretched one....and whats worse, is that i cant move windows between the 2 sets of twinview screens ( from one screen to another in the same set works) - now, that might be almost acceptable....but then there are problems like if i try to start firefox in one set, thats fine, but if i try to start firefox in the other set it will give an error saying its allready open ( and i dont want to jerry rig that to work specifically, because thats just an example)

side note- my screens are not 4 in a square, they are set up a bit differently, i have a row of 3 screens horizontal, with one above the screen on the far right (for various reasons).

anyway, the point of all this is that i want my screens to work like they do in windows (or rather, if i can get my screens to work properly, i wont be using windows anymore), they work almost perfectly with separate x screens (with xinerama) , but i cant use compiz that way, and if i use nvidia twinview, well there are too many problems with that to put up with

it has to be possible somehow, i mean after all, windows can do it XD

November 5th, 2010, 03:17 PM
Dude! I have the same issue. After extensive googling, it appears that xinerama has had many issues with compiz for years. Does anyone know how to tweak this combination into functionality????