View Full Version : [ubuntu] How do I set Debug Level in wpa_supplicant?

November 1st, 2010, 03:52 AM
Have been trying to diagnose why my wpa_supplicant keeps disconnecting my eepc901 wireless (rt2860sta driver) every 5 seconds with the following cryptic /var/log/syslog message:

Oct 31 22:36:13 jim-laptop-0 wpa_supplicant[2439]: CTRL-EVENT-DISCONNECTED - Disconnect event - remove keys

Tried to increase the debug output from these events by issuing the following command:

wpa_cli -i ra0

and got no joy. The wpa_cli could not connect to wpa_supplicant.

While I am quite grateful that the NetworkManager manages to respool my wireless connection after wpa_supplicant hoses it, I would like all this background nastiness to stop.

November 1st, 2010, 01:59 PM
Good morning East Coast USA! Lots of views of this topic... any suggestions?