View Full Version : [ubuntu] pure drive sharing

October 31st, 2010, 02:40 PM
I have a W7 machine (with problems) and I need to make a backup of it.
I've setup an old computer with Ubuntu 10,10 and I want to use it as a "backup server".
It has 2 drives, one with Ubuntu, and the other only for the files (formatted as EXT4)

I've share a folder on it and I can see it, access it, do whatever I want with it from my W7 machine, so it is there on the network and accessible.

Backup software I'm using: Acronis 2010. (it is unix based),

Now, when I select "network " as the location to put my backup, I can see my Linux PC, but it doesn't show me any drive.
I thought that, maybe, it needed a NTFS partition, but then again, since it doesn't show any drive, it's not partition format related.

Any idea?

I'm a power user but rather new to Linux, so be gentle.